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Ism e Azam By Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi Pdf Free Download Ism e Azam Written by Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi. This book provide fundamental of . Urdu Language Books. ScannerInternet Archive HTML5 Uploader Telepathy-by-khwaja-shamsuddin-azeemipdf-format. Year Meditation, Knowledge, Learning Book By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

Rohani Ilaj is here in Pdf format and as long as pages, you can free download this Urdu book or read it online from the blinking buttons below the sample pages of this books below. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Salsabeel See more. Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum Arabic. Ar-Raheeq-ul-Makhtum English. His contribution in scientifisizing and institutionalizing the most ancient body of knowledge according to the needs of the people of modern age will be remembered for times to come.

Most of people know Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi because of his unique style of writing. He has authored forty-two books so far besides eighty pamphlets and articles covering almost every aspect of metaphysical sciences.

In the first volume of this work he has given a detailed account of the struggles and strivings of the Holy Prophet for spreading the Islamic Teachings. In the second volume of this work he has explained the Miracles of the Holy Prophet in the light of Spiritual Science and in the third volume he has explained the underlying meanings of the events of the lives of the prophets of God.

These two have also been translated into English. Introduction of Color Therapy, a therapeutic system based upon the treatment of diseases by using colors and colorful lights, nationally and internationally, is yet another feather in his cap. He also guided and supervised a PhD thesis on the subject of Chromopathy. His articles in spite of the uniqueness of their subject matter remain within comprehension of the common man. Presentation of a divine body of knowledge that has reached him in disciplic succession in the most simple and understandable way is an incredible success and achievement of Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

Besides suggesting solutions for the problems of the people, questions and queries about the most complicated and enigmatic phenomena of nature are also replied comprehensively in the light of the spiritual sciences. Every month more than eleven thousand letters seeking his guidance are received and replied as a free service.

When the knowledge of thirst and all its details runs into motion with all of its energy then our brain sends the command to the physical part to deal with that need.

Because of it, the body comes into motion by drinking water and hence completing the need of it. When someone puts his mind into writing an essay or story, the first thing that happens is that the draft of the essay and all its details appear in his mind. Then the writer pens the entire detailed draft on paper.

That detailed draft is called the essay, story, or novel and so on. Whether it is a need to quench the thirst or write an essay, what first conies into our mind is the detailed picture.

The function of the 'human machine' is simply to convert that picture into physical action. In other words, unless any action is first created and organized in the mind, physical response does not occur.

The working of physical actions is called the material world while what is beyond the physical actions is referred to as the spiritual world. In the spiritual world all the feelings and all dimensions exist in the form of Divine Knowledge. The example of the process of thirst was given earlier. When the need of thirst and the will to drink occurs in the mind,. However, these motions do not translate into the physical action. They only manifest in one point; after that the physical action takes place.

The bottom line of this detailed account is that actions of the human mind appear in two circles. In the first circle information works without physical action, in the second they work along with the motion.

When physical action occurs all laws of gravity come into motion. Moments are subject to chronological order. One moment evolves into the second and third subsequent moments. Unless the second moment occurs, the third could not.

On the contrary, under the other circle the actions, human soul, or ego are free from the physical body. At that point, the human ego frees itself from the clutches of moments of chronological order. The mind sends a message that in order to get physical energy food is needed. When we follow up on this information we have to go through different stages in chronological order before we accomplished our objective.

First, we have to cultivate wheat, then we processed it to make it flour.

Rohani Ilaj Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi Pdf Free Download

Then we convert into dough to first bake then finally to eat it. This is how a physical brain functions. On the contrary, when spiritual brain is in motion and we need anything to eat then we do not have to go through those steps.

The moment the need for bread comes in the spiritual mind, the bread manifests itself. The clearest example of this in the physical life is dreaming.

When we wake up in the morning, the senses immediately get busy trying to connect with the environment. Moreover, as long as we are awake our nervous system controls our every movement throughout the day.

However, when we fall asleep, the human motions take a back seat but the active role of ego does not stop here. During dreaming, even though the body remains in a somewhat comatose state, all the motions and sounds are registered by the mind almost the same way; we see and hear those things in this awake stage. The only difference is that the boundaries of time and space no longer exist during dreaming and feeling and sensation draws to a single point. For example, in a dream we see our friend who may live very far away but when we are engaged in a conversation with him we do not feel there was any space separating us.

We see a film or chain of events. I however, if we were awakened by accident and see the time it probably would be just few minutes past our sleeping time. If those chains of events and movements happened with our physical body then it would have needed weeks, months and hundred of hours plus thousands of miles of travel.

One of the qualities of the soul nafas that remain active during wakefulness and sleep is memory. Man uses this power throughout his life but hardly realizes that when a period of childhood is recalled, in one moment he is able to access the entire memory of his childhood. Even though decades may have passed since then and he may have gone through thousands of changes when the mind travels into the past, then in the one thousandth part of second it reaches the period of childhood.

We not only feel the events of the past but these events are displayed in such a way as if someone were watching a movie. Often times the difference of feelings becomes so deep that the consciousness is able to perceive it. While doing some work if our concentration increases enormously and conscious sighting centers on a single point then this could become an experimental observation.

While reading an interesting book our concentration intensifies to such an extent that it negates time. Often when we are done with reading, it seems like only a few minutes have passed, but only after looking at our watch do we realize that a lot of time has passed. In the same manner while waiting for someone, a few minutes feels like hours. In this era of Freudian Psychology a dream is simply regarded as stored-up thoughts of memory and irrational imagination.

However, the real life experiences of dreams prove otherwise. Ever since history has been recorded, in every geographical area and at all times the importance of dreams has been recognized. In the history of the science of the soul and in religious matters as well dreams have a prominent position.

Muraqba By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

People from all economic and educational levels have experienced this phenomenon. Even though every one of us sees something every night in our sleep often we see something that even after. Some dreams are so deep that their effects are simply transformed into awakening right after that person wakes up. Some people have felt the taste of things that they ate during the dream long after being woken up and it feels almost like the taste of things that we eat during our waking hours. Erotic dreams result in the same kind of pleasure and ejaculatory discharge as during actual sexual intercourse.

Often an event or incident that was seen in a dream happens within days or months, exactly the way it was shown during that dream. That points out that just as we can replay the events of the past flashbacks , in the same manner we can also read the signs of future events.

In the Qur'an Koran and other holy sculptures the dream is often referred to as a vision royal. In these scriptures, it is mentioned that the dream is an agency through which man can access the realms of the unseen and the ability to dream vision provides the man, the knowledge of the unseen or paranormal in his normal physical level of existence.

The prophet Joseph saw in his dream that the Sun, moon and eleven stars prostrating before him which suggested that in due future he will be given the gift of prophecy and Divine Knowledge ilm ladani. Years later in prison, he interpreted the dreams of his fellow inmates, the royal cook and the bartender, and correctly predicted their future. When the king saw a dream, Prophet Joseph predicted that there would be a famine followed by surplus of grains.

All of which came true the way Prophet Joseph had predicted it. Notable to mention is the fact that among these dreams that we just discussed one of them is of a Prophet, however the other three are of ordinary folks.

All of these dreams were carrying news of the future. The human soul or ego remains constantly in motion. Just as the awakened time is usually spent in one moment or the other, similarly a dream is also a motion. We are always aware of our actions while we are awake, which is why all of our interests lie with the awakened state of mind. Nevertheless, not all of the events of the awakened period register in our memory. Only those events are stored that leave a lasting impression on our consciousness for whatever reason.

When we are traveling from one city to another, there are places that we like and others that do not feel pleasant.


In some places, we see tall trees and fertile land. However, when we arrive at the other city and if asked to mention everything that we saw, it would not be easy for us to describe everything that we observed during our journey.

We may be able to give a few details such as where we stayed or maybe an event that we saw, but for the rest of the journey we would simply declare that we did not pay much attention to it. In other words, when we are focused on something, it is registered in our memory, while of no interest went unnoticed.

The same rule applies to dreams. During dreaming, the physical senses remain dormant but the spirit goes through different actions and feelings and our mind only comprehends those events in which it maintains an interest.

That is why we can only relate those parts of dreams on which our focus was kept and the events on which we do not focus are not connected by our own consciousness. Sometimes consciousness sees the actions of the soul in an organized fashion and the motions of soul so fuse right into the mind that getting the meaning out of it is hardly difficult. Those dreams are called the "True dreams. Nature has enforced its law on all creatures including humans: In order to keep the physical side of human life it is imperative to enter the senses of dream.

That is why every individual, however reluctantly, is bound to get sleep. In addition, when he comes out of sleep into the physical world, he finds himself with renewed energy for the fulfillment of his physical action or life. Nocturnal senses are such it unique gift of Nature that every one has it. We can benefit from it even further if we so desire. Spiritual science begins with this basic lesson: Along with the body there is an agency attached to it known as spirit ruh , which is really its essence.

The human spirit is able to move without the body and if we can rise to a certain level, we can go on a spiritual journey without our body. This movement of the spirit occurs unconsciously every day during dreaming. There always comes a period during the day or night when we feel a certain pressure;. Eyelids feel the load as well and we start getting groggy.

Owing to this biological pressure, we ultimately surrender ourselves to sleep. Eyelids get shut and our senses want to get away from the surrounding environment. Consciousness rejects every thought that could interfere with sleep. In a short while nerves get quiet and we move from the state of drowsiness to light sleep and then into deep sleep.

This change of state of senses occurs without our intentional efforts. We unintentionally and sometimes unwillingly move into the nocturnal senses. That is why whatever we see in a dream, some of that remains in our memory while other things do not. When we enter this dream state in a way that our consciousness remains active and awake then the flight of spirit becomes an observational experiment and we are able to remember it. The easiest way to achieve this is to enter intentionally the dream state without going to sleep.

In other words, the same procedure that brings us from an awakened state into the nocturnal one unintentionally could be used to bring us to the nocturnal state at will without ever going into actual sleep. If we have to define Muraqaba with respect to dreams and the awakened state then we can say that the Muraqaba is the journey into the dream world while being fully awake.

In other words, Muraqaba is a process through which we try to enter the nocturnal state but our consciousness remains alert. During Muraqaba, all those conditions are created that it person goes through luring the transformation between senses.

Muraqba By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

After closing the eyes, breathing slows as well. The physical body relaxes so that we may not feel the its presence during Muraqaba. Mentally we free ourselves from all thoughts and worries and focus on one single idea or imagination.

When we see someone who is engaged in Muraqaba, it seems like someone is sleeping while sitting with their eyes closed. However, in reality, his consciousness is not dormant the way it is during sleep. Hence, during Muraqaba we enter into a state condition that is dominant during dreaming. The moment conscious senses enter stillness the diurnal senses are enveloped by the nocturnal senses. During this state we can use all. Past and future, near and far become meaningless. We become free of all the limitations of the physical body.

This ability increases to a level where the nocturnal and diurnal senses become parallel and human consciousness becomes aware of the affairs of nocturnal actions just the way it is aware of the diurnal actions.

Hence under nocturnal senses, we can use our own spirit ruh to carry out our wishes. When we contemplate matter then material laws Physics and material attributes come to the surface. However, when our mind goes deeply into the matter then we become aware of the world which is the basis of matter. We can call that the world of light. When scientists research the ingredients of matter, the atom and its particles come into light.

Among the atomic particles, electrons have dual attributes. On one hand, it is a material particle, on the other it is merely a ray. The system of rays inside the atom points to the world of illumination or light.

Hence whatever we see in our environment on one hand has a physical side and on the other, it is a halo of light. Whatever motion takes place in that halo of light reflects physical being. Based on it scientific principle, if a number of electrons and protons are altered then that atom changes its form. In a nuclear reaction, uranium after fusion converts to plutonium. Hence, those atomic particles that belong to the world of rays, if any changes occur to them then they change their shape.

When a change takes place in the world of rays or light nonphysical world then the same change is reflected in the physical identity of that element. Just as with every physical being, a system of electrical flow works in the same way, since humans also possess the electrical system.

According of Sufism, Man is not just a statue of flesh and bones; besides being a physical being, he is also a luminary being.

Moreover, that luminan, being is its essence. That being is the electrical ray or current. Three generators work inside the human body.

These generators produce three different types of electrical currents. The combination of these three current is in fact a man. When we describe a candle it is usually meant the combination of the above three states. No single attribute can be separated from its existence.

Just like the candle, human senses are also subject to three electrical rays. All thoughts, imaginations, and feelings, whether they are outward or inward, obvious or latent, are made of various mixtures of electrical current. All three generators are controlled by a central power station referred to as Divine Will amr , Spirit ruh , or the Divine Light tadjalli. The electric charge that is produced by generator no. Its strength or potential is extremely strong.

Due to its high speed it keeps the mind linked to all the dimensions of the Universe. Also because of its high speed, its reflection that falls on the screen of the human mind is very dim. That reflection is called the whim wahma. All feelings and knowledge begin with it. It is the most delicate form of thought that can only be felt in the depth of perception. When it deepens, it becomes a thought.

The electric charge that is created by generator no. One has more strength then the other. The same electric flow first gains speed and then slow down.

The more powerful and high speed charge is the consciousness of the Universe and the weaker one is what we call a whim. Generator no. When the negative wave enters whim, it is converted into a thought. Actually, thought is the detailed picture of whim. However, it is hidden from the sight as well. When the positive current envelops the thought it turns it into imagination.

When thought gains some form and figure it is referred as imagination. Imagination is such a figure, which remains latent from the sight but the mind figures out its picture and other details. This electric charge acts in the form of waves. This means that one of its motions is ascending and the other descending. In other words, these two movements give two types of feelings to the mind.

Ascending movement is the colorfulness of feelings. In this movement, the imagination becomes so strong that you are involuntarily drawn toward action. Descending movement is the action or its display. The Divine Will amr or Divine Light tadjalli carries the entire knowledge or science in the form of a record. When this record is activated, it turns into a whim. This action is called the current no 1. The negative wave of current no. Through thought, all creatures are connected in one chain.

That is why all creatures share the basic needs, for example, hunger, thirst, anger; need to reproduce and so on. The positive now of current no. The descending flow of current no. During ascending flow, all your feelings after disconnecting themselves from the body emancipate from time and space.

Descending flow manifest through eyes, ears, nose and limbs. Ascending manifests through faculties of vision, hearing, speaking and touch functions without any physical organs. All three currents pass through the mind and it moves in all three states. However, according to whichever current has the strong reflection on the screen of mind, you find yourself moving in the attributes of that current.

If current no. By practicing Muraqaba the strength of current 2 and 3 gradually increases. By increasing the strength we mean that the receiver of the brain is able to receive this information in a better way. As we have mentioned earlier there are three different types of electrical current that work inside the human body.


These three currents are the three forms of perception. Each possesses complete identity. Each current creates a separate body of a man. Hence man has three being in him.

In other words he has three bodies: These three bodies function simultaneously though physical body consciousness is only aware of the physical actions.

For example, numerous body functions are performed inside the physical body. Lungs perform the respiratory functions; the liver does its own work and inside the brain a spectacular phenomenon occurs through electrical current.

Through cell division, old cells convert into new cells. Most of these functions are neither provided by consciousness nor does our conscious mind control it. Without conscious knowledge, these functions are performed automatically.

Luminous and pure light bodies also work inside us but our consciousness is unable to feel them.

Only during dream and Muraqaba meditation do we get an awareness of the luminous body. During this condition, our physical body remains inactive. In spite of that, we perform all our functions of life. During this condition the luminous body is able to move. This body is also known as Aura or the jism mithali. When the power of thought is increased, the actions of the aura become evident and we can use it at our will.

The speed of the aura is sixty thousands times greater than the physical body. During dreaming, the body of pure light nur also becomes functional but its speed is so fast that we are unable to remem - ber its actions. The body of pure light travels a thousand times faster than the aura.

If the strength of thought is increased to its desired level then you could become aware of the body of pure light as well. Spiritual beings travel with their luminous and pure light bodies by achieving perfection in Muraqaba.

Through Muraqaba, the conscious state of humans is dissolved into the luminous body. You then become aware of all the information that is already loaded in the luminous body. Here we would like to clarify that this light is not the light we see with our naked eves. Instead this light is unseen by our physical eye. At that moment, you, through these pure light waves, will be able to cross the boundaries of time and space. Every human being is composed of three bodies or Spirits. Each body is then comprised of two subtle substances latifa, plural lataif.

These six subtle substances or chakra, which we are going to call spheres are further divided into six more layers of light and pure light nur. From the three waves of light, diurnal senses are formed while through three pure-light nur waves nocturnal senses are formed.

The layers of light are necessary for the diurnal senses while the pure-light waves are needed for the functioning of the nocturnal life. Every one of us wakes up after sleeping. After waking up when our eves first open, we enter into the conscious senses. We can call this state as semi-awakening. What we mean by semi-awakening is that during this stage we are not yet fully entered into consciousness.

However, the moment we wake up from sleeping and enter the first state of awakening, our soul is inundated by thoughts and actions; meaning that the awakened styles of thoughts and actions start flowing collectively. After semi-awakening the second stage starts. During this stage, our mental alertness deepens.

As it deepens the drowsiness that our brain feels, ends. During this stage, we enter into the state of exhilaration or slight intoxication khumaar. This feeling of slight intoxication goes up and down and it activates the sphere of Heart gaib.

When the feeling ,I exhilaration gets stronger, it turns into wajdani Intuitive ecstasy. This is the third stage of wakefulness. During this ecstasy the sphere of Spirit ruh is activated. Just as there are three stages of wakefulness, there are three stages of sleep as well. The way we enter into wakefulness by going through three stages, we enter into sleep by going through three stages as well.

The stage between sleep and wakefulness is ghanood drowsiness. During drowsiness the sphere of sirr conscience is activated. The second stage of sleep, which could be labeled as light sleep, is the movement of the sphere of khufi mystery. The third and final stage of sleep, which is often called 'deep sleep', is the movement of the akhfa arcanum sphere.

A point to ponder is that at the start of all these states we all go through the state of stillness. When we wake up our mind is usually at peace and is filled with a feeling of emptiness. Similarly, during other states as well, we go through this period of brief tranquility. This means to shift from one state to the other, serenity is essential. Just as during wakefulness every condition begins with that tranquility; in a same way, drowsiness senses also experience slight tranquility and after some moment this serenity of senses get deeper and turns into sleepiness.

Early sleep after going through that quiet moment for a while turns into light sleep and then finally the quiet waves of deep sleep take over. That is why this influence is called deep sleep. Waking and dreaming are both related to senses. In one state, the speed of senses goes up while in the other it goes down.

However, its condition does not change. Whether awake or sleeping the same kind and style of senses work. Waking or dreaming is actually two chambers of the brain or in other words, we have two brains. When senses are activated in one brain, it is called waking while when the senses are activated on the other, it is labeled as sleep. This means that the same kinds of senses are interchanging between waking and sleeping.

This interchanging of senses is in fact life. When one kind of senses becomes dormant inside the brain, the other kind of senses simply takes over. During wakefulness the senses start working right when blinking starts that is the eyelids start hitting the eyeballs. When this process happens to us, We get out of sleep and enter the waking state. In our present time, we an use the example of a still camera as a metaphor. Even when there is film inside the camera and it has the lens as well, the camera is not going to work unless the button is pressed, causing the shutter to open and close within a tenth of a second or so.

In the same manner, unless the eyelids fall on the eyeballs blinking the frontal screen is not going to fall on the role of the brain. This is the second stage of beholding during waking stage. The first stage begins when a thought enters the mind of the person as he wakes up after sleeping. That very thought becomes the barrier between sleep and awakening. As this thought deepens, the process of blinking starts and the scene in front of the eye begins transmitting to the screen of the brain.

The law of sight is that brain not only receives the picture of the outward image it also receives the information with it. By seeing, the mind puts meaning to that information. The image that falls on the screen of the mind through winking usually lasts for 15 seconds.

Before those 15 seconds pass, the other images one by one fall on the screen and take over the previous image. That process remains consistent throughout waking period. During the waking period the vision is directly linked to the eyeballs.

Through blinking the eye camera actually takes the picture continuously. The rule is that if the blinking is suspended then the nerves inside the eve would stop working. If the eyelids are forced to remain open and the movement of eyeball is stopped then the empty space comes in front of the vision and the picture-making process of the eyes would halt. The entire Universe and all the creatures in this Universe are linked together in a cohesive manner.

Different stages of life and the different times seem separated if seen from the outward eyes. However, the different stages of time and the various stages of life, no matter how different they may seem, are all linked to the center.

Rays or waves serve as the communicator between the inhabitants of the Universe and the center. On the one hand, the waves from its central source descend and feed the individuals of the Universe and maintain centralization. On the other hand, after feeding the creatures of the Universe, these waves ascend back to their source. This never-ending process of ascent and descent is life.

The distance that these waves cover ends up making this Universe look like a loop. With ascending and descending movements, this loop further divides into six more loops. The first circle of the Universe and the inhabitants of the Universe are called Soul naffs. The Soul is like it and from which the light is being emitted.

The light or wave of this lamp is in fact vision or sight. Evidently where there is a ray there will be a light and wherever light is, it brightens the environment. Wherever the lamp-light falls, it observes it. The light of the lamp is composed of many colors.

The more colors it has the more colorfulness it brings to the environment. Intense light of the lamp goes from very low, bright to extremely bright. When low-intensity light falls on objects, whims about them enter our mind.

Objects, on which medium-intensity light falls, create thoughts in our mind. When the high-intensity lights shine on objects their images form in our mind. Finally, when the extreme-intensity light falls on things, it can be seen by our sight. In fact, in order to see anything we go through these four stages. In order to see and comprehend anything, first a whim about that thing enters the mind, meaning a very diminutive sketch is formed.

When whim deepens, it becomes a thought. When a thought goes deep inside the mind, the picture of that object comes into being.

When picture deepens then thought becomes imagination and when the picture in the imaginative way converts into form and figure than that object comes in range of our sight. Even the lightest of the sketch of any given thing, even if it is merely a whim, sends it to the vision, so that after going through the other three stages that object could be seen in the dimension of a form and figure with all its colorfulness. The way we have described the rule of vision, all senses work in the same fashion.

These senses are of smell, hearing, taste, and touch. All the interests and activities of life, events, actions, and entire system are based on the same above mentioned rule. We are continuously bombarded by different thoughts and images.

Rohani Ilaj By Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

It all happens without our will or intention. Moreover, without our discretion, thoughts gradually enter our consciousness. The thoughts, imaginations, feelings, and needs that are essential to human life consist of three stages.

One kind of thoughts and feelings lets human be aware of their own existence and to see themselves as human, which suggests that it is an individual feeling. This kind of consciousness exists in all creatures of this Universe. A goat is also aware of its existence and so is a pigeon.

The second consciousness lets the Self be aware of its own kind. For example, when this consciousness works inside a human being, humans beget other humans, just as from a cat spring other cats. The feelings of a human child are the same as its parents and the kitten has all those feelings that exist in a cat.

The collection of all these thoughts and awareness is a consciousness that exists in all creatures collectively, and the manifestation of that consciousness is "vision. For example, a man sees water as water and so does a goat, which also drinks it to quench its thirst. The nature of this vision or consciousness has not changed from eternity to the modern day.

Change of space also does not affect its role either. Because of this consciousness all creatures are joined in an invisible bond. That is why the fundamentals of this Universe are the same. The forces of thirst, hunger, sadness, vision, hearing, and touch exist in all creatures. When these forces activate in species then each species applies that force in its own way. For example, hunger exists in both the lion and the goat. However, how they meet their needs is different. Each species' mind works on its own.

In other words, the mind of that species becomes the individual consciousness of that individual.

The stem of the tree, its branches, flower, fruits, everything has its foundation in that tiny seed. That one seed manifests itself in thousands of ways. If there were no seed then there would not be any tree. In the same fashion, all species and individuals of those species come into motion from the cosmic mind consciousness.

Species and all the thoughts, imaginations, and feelings that work in species are the extension of that one unit. The analogy of an electrical power station can help us understand this even further. If for instance the mind of the species is considered as an electrical current and all the species as bulbs, then just as the electrical current goes to millions and trillions of electric bulbs from the power station; in the same manner the information from the cosmic mind consciousness reaches the species and its individuals.

Since this information system works like the electrical system, the mind of all the species are interconnected with each other. When we look into life itself, it becomes evident that one side of our mind functions in the physical life while the other side is the source of the information of life, in which all the information and actions are stored.Ascending movement is the colorfulness of feelings.

His book Ehsan-o-Tasawaf has been included in the syllabus of M. When Imam Ali started his prayers, his senses went from diurnal state into nocturnal state. Kashaf ul Qaboor In other words, these two movements give two types of feelings to the mind. This is only possible when the vision that sees Time and Space frees itself from its boundaries.

During the waking period the vision is directly linked to the eyeballs.